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Because the reason is, Therefore, The present situation is like this, This is how (it is), Those are the circumstances, This is why

avoid using 次第でございます since 次第 in this usage is already humble and でございます might make the phrase too polite, and some people may even take it as irony


Verb + 次第(しだい) + です


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About 次第です

When following a verb in one of its standard forms, 次第(しだい) 'directly following' will be used to express reasons or give explanations. In these cases, it will be followed by either of the auxiliary verbs だ, or です. However, です is far more common, due to this use of 次第(しだい) primarily appearing in polite speech.
  • 高速(こうそく)玉突(たまつき)事故(じこ)があったので、(おく)れた次第(しだい)です
    I was late because there was an accident involving several cars on the highway.
  • 来月(らいげつ)から、()かいの(いえ)()()すことになったので、挨拶(あいさつ)しにきた次第(しだい)です
    I came to introduce myself because we will be living in the house across from yours starting next month.
  • 先輩(せんぱい)提案(ていあん)してくださったプランでは予算(よさん)オーバーしそうだったので、(いま)クライアントと相談(そうだん)しつつ色々(いろいろ)調整(せいび)している次第(しだい)です
    We are now discussing with the client and making various adjustments because the plan proposed by you (senpai) seemed like it was going to go over their budget.
In this particular use of 次第(しだい), it is similar to 'the eventuation is that (A)', meaning that something ultimately ended up as (A),
Fun Fact
In all of its nuances, 次第(しだい) just expresses a sequence of events or deciding factors, and what either will or has happened due to that. This link can be seen in other grammar patterns like 次第(しだい) 'as soon as' , and 次第(しだい) 'depending on', or 'so'.



  • 取引先(とりひきさき)への説明(せつめい)メール:「プロジェックトの進捗(しんちょく)状況(じょうきょう)について理解(りかい)(いただ)きたく、ご連絡(れんらく)()()げた次第(しだい)です。」

    Explanation mail to a customer: 'I am contacting you because I would like you to know about the current state of the project.'

    頂きたく is a verb stem of いただく + たい 'want'.

    • 謝罪(しゃざい)メール:「倉庫(そうこ)火災(かさい)によりご注文(ちゅうもん)いただいた商品(しょうひん)納期(のうき)(おく)れてしまった次第(しだい)です(こころ)よりお()(もう)()げます。」

      An apology email: 'The delivery date of the ordered products has been delayed because of a warehouse fire. We sincerely apologize.'

      • 招待客(しょうたいきゃく)への説明(せつめい)メール:「万国博覧会(ばんこくはくらんかい)は、台風(たいふう)接近(せっきん)のため中止(ちゅうし)にせざるを()なかった次第(しだい)です。」

        Explanation mail to the invitee: 'We were obliged to cancel the World Expo because of the approaching typhoon.'

        • 部下(ぶか)上司(じょうし)に:「吹雪(ふぶき)影響(えいきょう)列車(れっしゃ)運行(うんこう)ダイヤが(みだ)れており、出社(しゅっしゃ)(おく)れた次第(しだい)です。」

          Subordinate to boss: 'I arrived late to the office because of the blizzard and the train schedule was disrupted.'

          • 内定状(ないていじょう):「博士(はかせ)にご執筆(しっぴつ)いただきました教科書(きょうかしょ)は、学生(がくせい)(あいだ)とても好評(こうひょう)です。つきましては、博士(はかせ)にぜひ講師(こうし)としてご就任(しゅうにん)いただきたく、お(ねが)(もう)()げる次第(しだい)です。」

            Job offer letter: 'The textbook that you have written is very popular among the students. Therefore we would like to humbly request you to assume the position of lecturer.'

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