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N1 Lesson 8: 2/19

because the reason is, therefore, the present situation is like this, this is how (it is), those are the circumstances, this is why

avoid using 次第でございます since 次第 in this usage is already humble and でございます might make the phrase too polite, and some people may even take it as irony

Verb + 次第 + です
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  • 次第です is a very humble polite expression used towards one’s superiors at work or clients, often in letters, mails and so on to describe the current situation (circumstances), the reason why things are the way they are, similar to の or わけだ. Usually used when giving explanations, making an apology, asking for something, or summarizing what one has said before.
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Explanation mail to a customer: I am contacting you because I would like you to know about the current state of the project.
notice that 頂きたく is a verb stem of いただく + たい (“want”)
An apology email: The delivery date of the ordered products has been delayed because of a warehouse fire. We sincerely apologize.
Explanation mail to the invitee: “We were obliged to cancel the World Expo because of the approaching typhoon.”
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