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N3 Lesson 4: 13/21

(not) involved with, (not) concerned with, (no) connection with, (no) relationship with, (not) related to

Noun + に(1) + 関係 + がある(2)
Noun + に(1) + 関係 + (3)ある(2) + Noun

(2) ない
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When the 名詞(めいし) (noun) 関係(かんけい) ‘a relation’ is paired with がある ‘to have’, it will be received in a similar way to phrases like ‘involved with (A)’, ‘concerning (A)’, or ‘in relation to (A)’. 関係(かんけい)がある is often be preceded by the 格助詞(かくじょし) (case marking particle) , expressing the location ‘where’ the connection exists.
itself will always be preceded by a noun or noun-phrase.
  • さっき森(もり)方(ほう)逃(に)げた人(ひと)は事件(じけん)に関係(かんけい)があると思(おも)います
    I think the person that ran into the forest earlier is involved in the crime.
  • この仕事(しごと)に関係(かんけい)がある資料(しりょう)全(すべて)て提出(ていしゅつ)してください
    Please submit all documents concerning this work.
Alternatively, be replaced by other 格助詞(かくじょし) such as と or の. Each has a slightly different nuance, but are used quite interchangeably.
に関係(かんけい)がある - Relating to (A).
と関係(かんけい)がある - Related with (A).
の関係(かんけい)がある - Having a relation with (A).
  • あの工場(こうじょう)は川(かわ)汚染(おせん)と関係(かんけい)があるそうだ。
    I heard that that factory has something to do with the pollution of the river.
  • この事件(じけん)と関係(かんけい)がある人(ひと)全員(ぜんいん)ここ連(つ)れてきてください
    Please bring everyone related to this case over here.
  • それこれはなんの関係(かんけい)があるのだろうか
    I wonder what relationship this and that have.
  • この被害者(ひがいしゃ)関係(かんけい)がある人(ひと)集(あつ)めてください
    Please gather all people that are connected to this victim.
Naturally, ある may be replaced by ない, to express that the is ‘no relation’ between (A) and (B).
  • それは私(わたし)に関係(かんけい)ないです
    That, I have no connection to.
  • 授業(じゅぎょう)に関係(かんけい)ない本(ほん)はしまってください
    Please put away books that aren't related to class.
Fun Fact
The primary difference between に and と in this grammar pattern is that に highlights the relationship from a single perspective, while と focuses more on how (A) and (B) are related together.
  • この事件(じけん)に関係(かんけい)ない人(ひと)は帰(かえ)ってください
    People that have no connection to this crime, please go home.
  • 私(わたし)話(はなし)と関係(かんけい)ないこと言(い)わないで
    Please don't say anything that isn't related to my story.
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It seems that they each have some unclear relationship with Mr. Aizawa.
Each person directly related to the suspect was summoned.
There has to be some kind of relation between the accident and this.
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