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N3 Lesson 4: 13/21


(Not) involved with, (Not) concerned with, (No) connection with, (No) relationship with, (Not) related to


Noun + に(1) + 関係(かんけい) + がある(2)
Noun + に(1) + 関係(かんけい)+ (3)ある(2) + Noun

(2) ない


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About 関係がある

When the noun 関係(かんけい) 'a relation' is paired with がある 'to have', it will be received in a similar way to phrases like 'involved with (A)', 'concerning (A)', or 'in relation to (A)'. 関係(かんけい)がある is often be preceded by the case marking particle , expressing the location 'where' the connection exists.
itself will always be preceded by a noun or noun-phrase.
  • さっき(もり)(ほう)()げた(ひと)事件(じけん)関係(かんけい)がある(おも)います
    I think the person that ran into the forest earlier is involved in the crime.
  • この仕事(しごと)関係(かんけい)がある資料(しりょう)(すべて)提出(ていしゅつ)てください
    Please submit all documents concerning this work.
Alternatively, be replaced by other case marking particle such as と or の. Each has a slightly different nuance, but are used quite interchangeably.
関係(かんけい)がある - Relating to (A).
関係(かんけい)がある - Related with (A).
関係(かんけい)がある - Having a relation with (A).
  • あの工場(こうじょう)(かわ)汚染(おせん)関係(かんけい)があるそうだ。
    I heard that that factory has something to do with the pollution of the river.
  • この事件(じけん)関係(かんけい)がある(ひと)全員(ぜんいん)ここ()れてきてください
    Please bring everyone related to this case over here.
  • それこれはなんの関係(かんけい)があるのだろうか
    I wonder what relationship this and that have.
  • この被害者(ひがいしゃ)関係(かんけい)がある(ひと)(あつ)てください
    Please gather all people that are connected to this victim.
Naturally, ある may be replaced by ない, to express that the is 'no relation' between (A) and (B).
  • それ(わたし)関係(かんけい)ないです
    That, I have no connection to.
  • 授業(じゅぎょう)関係(かんけい)ない(ほん)はしまってください
    Please put away books that aren't related to class.
Fun Fact
The primary difference between に and と in this grammar pattern is that に highlights the relationship from a single perspective, while と focuses more on how (A) and (B) are related together.
  • この事件(じけん)関係(かんけい)ない(ひと)(かえ)てください
    People that have no connection to this crime, please go home.
  • (わたし)(はなし)関係(かんけい)ないこと()ないで
    Please don't say anything that isn't related to my story.



  • (かれ)らはそれぞれあいざわさん不透明(ふとうめい)関係(かんけい)があるように()える

    It seems that they each have some unclear relationship with Mr. Aizawa.

    • 容疑者(ようぎしゃ)(じか)関係(かんけい)がある人物(じんぶつ)全員(ぜんいん)()()された。

      Each person directly related to the suspect was summoned.

      • これ事故(じこ)(あいだ)になんらかの関係(かんけい)があるはずだ。

        There has to be some kind of relation between the accident and this.

        • 日本(にほん)(しょく)関係(かんけい)がある単語(たんご)空欄(くうらん)()めてください。

          Fill in the blanks with words that are related to Japanese food.

          • (せつ)のAと(せつ)のBの(あいだ)因果(いんが)関係(かんけい)があるとき、「から」や「ので」が使(つか)われている。

            When there is a cause and effect relationship between clause A and clause B, 'kara' and 'node' are used.

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