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Related to, About, Regarding


Noun + (かん)して
Noun + (かん)する + Noun


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About に関する・に関して

(かん)する and (かん)して are two grammar patterns in Japanese that are regularly used to show when (B) is 'about' or 'related to' (A). (かん)する itself is a verb meaning 'to relate'.
(かん)する will be followed directly by a second noun, while (かん)して creates a pause in the sentence, before (B) will be explained in the second half of that sentence.
  • (かれ)(いま)地盤(じばん)汚染(おせん)(かん)する研究(けんきゅう)ています
    He does research related to pollution in the Earth's crust.
  • アプリ使(つか)(かた)(かん)する質問(しつもん)はありますか?
    Do you have any questions concerning how to use this app?
  • この農薬(のうやく)(かん)して()ておくべきことはありますか?
    Is there anything I should know relating to this pesticide?
  • 幼稚園(ようちえん)(かん)しては、全然(ぜんぜん)(くわ)くないので(ぼく)()かれても(こま)ります。
    I am not knowledgeable in regards to kindergartens, so even if you ask me I won't know.
Fun Fact
Compared to について (another structure used to convey 'about'), (かん)して is quite a bit more formal, and will rarely be used in casual conversation.
  • (かれ)電車(でんしゃ)(こと)について(はな)()永遠(えいえん)(はな)(つづ)ける
    Once on the topic of trains, he will talk forever. (Casual)
  • (かれ)電車(でんしゃ)(こと)(かん)して(はな)()永遠(えいえん)(はな)(つづ)ける
    Once the topic is related to trains, he will talk forever. (More formal)





    There are books related to dance on the desk.


    You don't need to be sad about the past. (related to)


    Do you have any questions related to the environment?


    I want you to collect information related to Japan.


    I will provide more details related to that issue at another time.

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に関する・に関して – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (6 in total)

  • Yryrdz


    When can にかんして/する work where にかんけいがある cannot and vice versa? I get that they’re technically saying different things (“is related to” versus “there is a relationship”), so I get that they’re different grammar points, but I don’t get why it’s marked wrong if I put in the other one in some cases.

  • gyroninja


    Xに関する You are talking about a topic related to X.
    Xに関係がある Something is related to X. There exists a relationship between something and X.

    車に関する本 A book that is about things related to cars.
    車に関係がある本 A book that is related to a car.

    Notice how the first is talking about the contents of the book, but the second is talking about the book itself.

  • Yryrdz


    This is a great example thank you very much. I’ll try my hardest to keep this in mind when I’m doing reviews.

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