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N1 Lesson 8: 3/19


I would say (about), I guess (about), It could be said that, About, at best

Don't confuse ってこ with ってと!


Phrase + いうところ(1) +

(1) いったところ、ってとこ


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About というところ

というところ is a grammar expression that is used when highlighting an approximate number or degree for something. It is a combination of the case-marking particle と, the う-Verb ()う 'to say', and the noun ところ 'place', which often marks situations. Common translations include 'I would say about (A)', 'I guess about (A)'. A more literal translation is 'To be at the point where saying (A) is accurate'.
It is most common for this structure to appear following either verbs or nouns, but may also occasionally follow adjectives. Coming primarily at the end of sentences, というところ will often be followed immediately by the auxiliary verb だ or です.
  • このペースだとこの工事(こうじ)はあと二週間(にしゅうかん)()わるというところだ。
    At this pace, I would say this construction work will be finished in about two weeks.
  • どれぐらい(から)いって()かれても...(あせ)()るぐらい(から)というところかな。
    You are asking me how spicy it is? I would say spicy enough to make you sweat.
  • まあ順調(じゅんちょう)順調(じゅんちょう)だけど、まあまあというところだ。
    Well, you could say everything is going smoothly, but it's alright, I guess.
  • 電車(でんしゃ)()けば三十(さんじゅ)(っぷん)かかるけど、(くるま)なら十五(じゅうご)(ふん)というところです。
    It would take 30 minutes by train, but I would say it would take 15 minutes by car.
Occasionally, という will be replaced by the past-tense form, といった. However, the meaning does not change at all in these cases.
  • これぐらいの物件(ぶっけん)だったら5000(まん)といったところですね。
    For a property of this size, I would say it would cost something like 50 million.
  • 徒歩(とほ)だと1時間(じかん)といったところです。
    I would say it would take an hour by walking.
というところ has a tendency to be used when the number being given is the theoretical maximum for something, rather than the theoretical minimum. Due to this, it may sound unnatural when wanting to present an approximate minimum.
  • 買取(かいとり)となると、最低(さいてい)で5千円(せんえん)というところです。
    If we were to buy this from you, I would say we would pay you at least 5 thousand yen.



  • はなこ「オリビアの日本語(にほんご)のレベルはどうですか?」

    Hanako: 'How are Olivia's Japanese skills?'
    Kasumi: 'I would say average at best.'

    • 上司(じょうし)(たの)んでいた仕事(しごと)どこまでおわりましたか?」

      Boss: 'How far have you gotten on the job I asked you to do?'
      Subordinate: 'I would say it is about 70-80% done.'

      • ともだち1「スーパーまで()のにどれくらいかかる?」

        Friend1: 'How long will it take to get to the supermarket?'
        Friend2: 'I would say about 20 minutes.'

        • 友達(ともだち)1「小説(しょうせつ)いつ()()げる?」

          Friend1: 'When will you finish writing the novel?'
          Friend2: 'I would say there are about 4-5 days left.'

          • 散歩中(さんぽちゅう)()(いえ)について(はな)カップル:配偶者(はいぐうしゃ)1「この3LDKの(いえ)、だいたいいくらぐらい?どう(おも)?」

            A Couple chatting about a house they see during a walk, Spouse 1: 'About how much is this 3 bedroom house worth? What do you think?'
            Spouse 2: 'I would say it's worth about 38 920 000 yen.'

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