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N1 Lesson 8: 4/17
1~たりとも~ない 1~たりとも~ない not even one, not a single, no (at all) 何人たりとも + Phrase[ない]/Verb + な
1 + Counter + たりとも + Phrase[ない](1)

(1) Verb[な]
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使用域 敬語
  • Aたりとも...ない is a formal expression used to emphasize denial - something is not even the case/not permitted for the very small value A. A is almost always a counter with a value of 1 like 1度、1種間、1滴、1日、1分、1秒、1円、1人、1粒、1ミリ、1匹. Usually does not follow counters expressing something that is not considered small like 1トン. It is often followed by negative expressions like ことはない、つもりはない、てほしくない、ないでください and expressions of prohibition like な、てはいけない and so on.
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A novel, the villain: “It is decided, you all die here today. I do not intend to let even one escape.”
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