N1 Lesson 8: 7/17
とあれば とあれば


(emphatic) if
if it is the case that
as (you wish)

Structure Legend
Noun + (だ) + とあれば
AとあればB is a poetic and emphatic expression meaning “if” often used when B has to be done/is allowed in special circumstances A. Expressions like のため、必要、望み、命令 are common in A and expressions like ざるを得ない、しかない、なければならない follow in B. B is not used for requests.

Rarely, an old-fashioned とあらば form can be seen in older literature

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If it is for my son, I will jump into the fire.

Shin Kanzen Master N1 Bunpou : Page 42
Sou Matome Bunpou N1 : Page 68