N1 Lesson 8: 15/17
に即して にそくして


inline with
based on
in accordance with

Structure Legend
Noun + 即し(1)(て)
Noun + に即した(1) + Noun

(1) に則した
Aに則してB is a very formal expression lit. meaning “in strict conformity with”, “adapting to” A, often simply translated as “in line with” or “in accordance with” A. It follows words expressing circumstances and facts like 現実、現状、状況、事情、時代、事実、実態. When it follows words expressing policies, laws and regulations like 法律、法、規定、方針 it should be written as に則して and means taking A as standard - however recently the に即して is often used in both cases.

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The law that is in line with the time should be established without being bound to old-fashioned customs.

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