N1 Lesson 8: 16/17
ないまでも ないまでも


may not … but (at least)
even though not
even if not

Structure Legend
Verb[ない]+ までも + Phrase
Noun + ではない(1) + までも + Phrase

(1) じゃない
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AないまでもB is an expression lit. meaning that “even if not as far as A, B” and is used when A which is of ultimate degree might not achievable, but lower-level alternative B is still possible/still is the case. In A, phrases like とは言えない、に及ばない、とは言わない are common. B often expresses wishes, commands, requests, and suggestions with たい、てほしい、てください、たらどう、つもり、といい and so on.
Expressions like (くらい)は、せめて、かなり、まあまあ are also common in B.

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Fantasy novel: “You may not make hero Emilia into an ally, but what about meeting her at least once?”

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