N1 Lesson 9: 1/3
まじき まじき


unbecoming of
unworthy of
not proper for
should not
must not

Structure Legend
Noun1 + にある/として + まじき + Noun2
許すまじき + Noun
AとしてまじきB is a formal written set phrase meaning that B is evaluated as unsuitable, unworthy, inappropriate for someone in a position/occupation of A. It is directly attached to a noun since it originates in attributive (noun modifying) form of classical Japanese auxiliary まじ - “should not” or “will not” (nowadays まい, however, it lost prohibiting nuance). Words like 言動、行為、行動、発言、姿 are very common in B.

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Lalatina behaved in a manner unbecoming of a noble, like a spoiled child.

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