N1 Lesson 10: 4/8
ものなら② 物なら②


If you were to do
If you try to
If … happens
Should there be

Structure Legend
Verb[volitional] + ものなら/もんなら + Phrase
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(A) [volitional] ものなら (B) is a phrase expressing the opinion of the speaker that possibly if situation (A) happens, the negative result (B) will follow.
In (A), phrases showing extreme examples of something like でも、万が一 or expressions like ちょっと、うっかり、もし are common. (B) often ends with phrases of conjecture, like かもしれない、だろう、はず.

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Shinobu is completely terrified of blood. If she were to see even one drop of it by chance, she would faint for sure.