N1 Lesson 10: 8/8
ずにはおかない ずにはおかない


will definitely
will certainly
bound to
not fail to

⚠ also used to express that subject (usually non-animate like a book) has an emotional effect on people

Structure Legend
Verb [ない-stem] + ずには + おかない
Verb [ない] + では + おかない

Verb [Negative] + では + おかない
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(A) ずにはおかない is a phrase used when a subject (person or organization, usually speaker herself/himself) has a strong resolution to exert influence over someone. Often used with the causative form, adverbs like きっと, 絶対に or 必ず can be added for emphasis.

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Novel: "No matter what it takes, I will not fail to defeat the Demon Lord!"

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