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N1 Lesson 4: 17/17
ことだし ことだし (and) so, because, since
Verb + こと
[い]Adjective + こと
[な]Adjective + (1) + こと
Noun + (1) + こと

(1) である
No detail information for ことだし
  • (A) こと (B) is an expression used to state reason/cause, implying that there are other reasons as well. It originates in particle , but it shows the intention to state the reason more clearly as it is not used to simply connect clauses. It is also considered more objective and therefore polite. こと often indicates good circumstances (A) to do (B), therefore is followed with expressions of determination, suggestion or invitation like ないか、volitional form、たらどう. When (A) is a noun denoting a person it indicates judgment that based on the person's character/behavior something is the case.
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飛行機代(ひこうきだい)安(やす)いことだし天気(てんき)から 沖縄(おきなわ)に行(い)こう
Since plane tickets are cheap and the weather is nice, let's go to Okinawa.
Unlike , ことだし is usually not repeated, but can still be used to state more than one reason/cause directly with expressions like から/ので and the like
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