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命令形 ⇒ ます形 + 長音 Imperative form ⇒ Masu form + Long sound Do (something)! (imperative) 関西弁
Verb[ます]+ (長音)

食べ + (ぇ)
+ (ぃ)
+ (ぃ)
+ (ぃ)
+ (ぃ)
+ (ぃ)
+ (ぃ)
+ (ぃ)
+ (ぃ)
+ (ぃ)
+ (ぃ)

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The 命令形(めいれいけい) (imperative form) of verbs in 関西弁(かんさいべん) behave a little bit differently to those of standard Japanese. Instead of being a grammatical change, the Kansai imperative form has a sound change (sometimes called a euphonic change). The sound change seen with the imperative form will always be an extension of the previous kana’s sound. Let’s look at a few examples.
食(た)べろ - In standard Japanese, る often becomes ろ.
食(た)べえ - In Kansai dialect, the ます form sound is simply extended.
買(か)え - In standard Japanese, う becomes え.
買(か)いい - In Kansai dialect, the ます form sound is simply extended.
The elongated sound (長音(ちょうおん) in Japanese) will always be an extension of the 連用形(れんようけい) (conjunctive form), also known as the ます form.
  • その箸(はし)使(つか)いにくくないこの箸(はし)使(つか)いぃ
    Aren’t those chopsticks hard to use? Use these.
  • 他(ほか)車(くるま)邪魔(じゃま)になるから早(はや)く乗(の)りぃ
    We are going to block traffic, so hurry up and get in.
Caution - As with many other cases in Japanese, する and くる behave a little bit differently to other verbs. する may be replaced by either しい, or せえ (with the second kana being a sound elongation in both cases). Whether しい or せえ will be used is based primarily on location. くる will become きい (another sound elongation).
  • 皆(みんな)、ふざけないで掃除(そうじ)しぃ
    Everyone, stop fooling around and clean.
  • 遊(あそ)んでばかりいないで、勉強(べんきょう)せぇ
    Stop playing all the time, and study!
  • 話(はな)したい事(こと)があるから、こっちにきぃ
    Come over here, I have to talk to you about something.
It is also common for や to follow these verb forms. This has the role of lightly softening the command, making it a bit more friendly. An example of this is 早(はや)く乗(の)りぃや, which would be something that is said as ‘come on, let’s hurry up and get in the car.’ Versus 早(はや)く乗(の)りぃ, which is more like ‘hurry up and get in the car please’, and finally 早(はや)く乗(の)り! meaning ‘get in the car right now!!’
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