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Number + も
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The 副助詞(ふくじょし) (adverbial particle) is often used for labeling (A) as part of a category, when it would not usually be considered part of that group. In this way, it emphasizes that (A)’s inclusion is something that is surprising/unexpected in some way.
When is used after a specific number + counter, it shows that the number itself is surprising. This can be when the actual number is lower, or higher than what was expected. Due to this, can translate as ‘as much as (A)’, or ‘not even (A)’, and other similar phrases in this expression.
  • 12時間(じかん)仕事(しごと)から疲(つか)れ
    I worked as long as 12 hours, so I am tired.
  • その携帯(けいたい)20万円(まんえん)したの?!
    That cellphone cost you as much as 200,000 yen?!
  • 私(わたし)一回(いっかい)地下鉄(ちかてつ)に乗(の)ったことが無(な)い
    I have never taken the subway, not even once.
At first glance, this may seem different than ’s translation as ‘too’ or ‘also’, but in those cases, is also just pointing out the something unexpected is part or whatever group was initially highlighted.
  • 私(わたし)行(い)きたい
    I want to go too.
The above sentence just shows that the (B) speaker is unexpectedly putting themselves in the group that the (A) speaker initially only considered themselves to be a part of.
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I have to pay as much as 100,000 yen!
[adding emphasis]
I did it as many as 10 times but couldn't do it!
[adding emphasis]
It took as long as 15 hours to get to America!
[adding emphasis]
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