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N1 Lesson 6: 8/17

(Verb) + だに

Just, Even just, Even merely


Verb + だに


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About Verb + だに

As mentioned in our だに + しない grammar point, だに is an adverbial particle that shares a similar meaning to さえ and すら 'even', but is more commonly found in classical literature. It presents (A) as 'minimum' or 'light' examples, and therefore implies that anything greater than (A) would be more than can be handled, imagined, etc. In this use, it is often translated as 'just (A)', or 'merely (A)'.
だに will appear directly following verbs in their dictionary form.
  • あんな地獄(じごく)みたいな職場(しょくば)にまた明日(あした)()かないとって(かんが)えるだに()(おも)くなる。
    Even just the thought of having to go back to that hellish workplace again tomorrow makes me feel depressed.
  • (かれ)のことを(おも)()だに(かな)しくなります。
    Just remembering about him makes me sad.
  • 部長(ぶちょう)からもらった仕事(しごと)(りょう)()だに、やる()()せる。
    I lose all motivation by just looking at the amount of work my boss gave me.
This is a formal structure, and will be seen far more often in literature than it will be spoken. Despite this, it is actually quite common in anime and manga when characters are being dramatic.
As (A) presents a 'minimum', it will often be a word which expresses something that depicts the difference between reality and fantasy. For example, if (A) was 想像(そうぞう)するだに 'even in my imagination'. The 'minimum' is the imagination, for which the opposite end of the spectrum would be 'in reality'.




    Article: 'For a human being, just thinking about eating ticks is repulsive.'


    Novel: 'It is said that Cthulhu is a monster so awfully scary that one goes mad just by seeing it.'


    Article: 'Just recalling that movie scene breaks my heart.'


    Novel: 'Just hearing a conversation about that accident makes my old wound throb with pain.'


    Article: 'Just imagining the temperature at the center of the sun is terrifying.'

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