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That (over there)

Although uncommon, its kanji can be seen as 彼れ


Demonstrative noun (located away from both the speaker and the listener)


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About あれ

あれ, just like これ and それ, is one of several 'pronoun-like' words in Japanese (substitute nouns). あれ translates roughly to 'that' in English. However, unlike それ, あれ is used to highlight things that are away from both the speaker and the listener. Due to this, it is also often translated as 'that over there'.


Be careful not to mix up あれ with the common spoken expression あれ, which means 'huh?', or 'oh?'. These are not the same words. The difference will usually be clear from context within a sentence, and the way the word is said. あれ as 'huh?' has a rising tone, and sounds like a question.




    What is that over there?


    That over there is a convenience store.


    That over there is a hotel.


    That over there is a train.


    That over there is my older brother.

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  • HelenL


    Hi, first time here so sorry if I’m asking in the wrong place! (It was here it clicked through to).
    Is there somewhere I can look to help me understand the rule for when a phrase needs desu at the end? (So it’s not there on “are wa atarashii” but is on “are wa hon desu”)
    I’ll find the right place to ask if anyone can please tell me slowly how to use kana in these posts - on the apps I’m using it auto converts as you type and I know the way I’ve typed it out here is painful to read!

  • IcyIceBear


    First, welcome to the forums

    It brought you here because it’s testing you on the あれ grammar point. I dunno what order you’re doing grammar in or what order bunpro has them in the beginning, but that です is another grammar point you can search and add to reviews it should be one of the very first you learn です grammar point in bunpro
    Edit: if you follow bunpros recommended path, it’ll never show you grammar you haven’t learned yet

    I also found this other post from the forums you might find helpful Why です

    As for the kana conversion… I don’t think that’s an auto feature anyw...

  • HelenL


    Thank you so much @IcyIceBear - that’s a really helpful link.
    And I’ve managed the first step of adding the keyboard to my phone, just off to find out how to use it…

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