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この + (Near The Speaker) Noun


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    Fixed Adjective

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    Independent Word

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About この

この is classified as a 'pre-noun adjectival' in Japanese. These are a special type of word that do not conjugate. This means that they will always appear in the same form. この comes from the same family of words as これ and ここ, and is used to identify a 'thing' that is near the speaker.
  • このスーツあなたです
    Is this suit yours?
  • この仕事(しごと)大変(たいへん)
    This work is difficult.
As the name 'pre-noun adjectival' suggests, these words will always appear before a noun, and describe that noun in some way.


  • この(ほん)いいです

    This book is good.

  • このケーキ(おお)きいです

    This cake is big.

  • この写真(しゃしん)(わたし)のです

    This picture is mine.

    The 私の carries the meaning of 私の写真.

  • この(いぬ)(わたし)(いぬ)です

    This dog is my dog.

  • この動物(どうぶつ)(ねこ)です

    This animal is a cat.

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    • Genki I

      Page 35

    • Genki I 2nd Edition

      Page 63

    • みんなの日本語 I

      Page 20 [CH 2]

    • みんなの日本語 II

      Page 78 [CH 37]

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この – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (12 in total)

  • FredKore


    Your translations are correct. Just like in English, they are different sentences emphasizing different parts.

    What do you have there?
    This is a big cake.
    (“This cake is big” doesn’t make sense here)

    What do you think of that cake?
    This cake is big.
    (“This is a big cake” could work too.)

  • BionicZebra


    Interesting. Thanks!

  • MoonlitClaire


    Thanks for the help everyone, very much appreciated!

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