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N5 Lesson 3: 11/13


That (over there)


Demonstrative, あの + Noun


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About あの

あの is classified as a 'pre-noun adjectival' in Japanese. These are a special type of word that do not conjugate. This means that they will always appear in the same form. あの comes from the same family of words as あれ and あそこ, and is used to identify a 'thing' that is away from both the listener, and the speaker. It is usually translated as 'that' (thing over there).

As the name 'pre-noun adjectival' suggests, these words will always appear before a noun, and describe that noun in some way.



  • あの(ひと)トムです

    That person over there is Tom.

    • あの(いぬ)可愛(かわい)です

      That dog over there is cute.

      • あのラーメン()美味(おい)しいです

        That ramen shop over there is good.

        The use of 美味しい here is speaking about the restaurant's food.

        • あの綺麗(きれい)(ひと)田中(たなか)さん

          That beautiful person over there is Tanaka-san.

          • あの(みせ)でもいい

            That store over there is also okay.

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            あの – Grammar Discussion

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            • Twelvewishes



              Because あの belongs together with この, その and どの, I had assumed it would also be classified as a fixed adjective and independant word. However it is classified as a noun on pronoun in it’s details section. I was wondering if there was more information on that or if that was a mistake?

              Edit: Imabi says that あの is the adjectival form. Maybe you guys mixed it up with あれ, the pronoun form?

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