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N2 Lesson 1: 22/23


Approximately, Roughly, About



    About おおよそ

    およそ or おおよそ, alternatively written as either (およ)そ or 大凡(おおよそ) is an adverb that commonly translates as 'approximately' or 'roughly' in English. It is primarily used in slightly more formal contexts, and can frequently be heard over announcements.
    As おおよそ is an adverb that is used in relation to time or distance more than anything else, it will usually be positioned at the beginning of sentences.
    • この物件(ぶっけん)から最寄(もよ)りの(えき)までは徒歩(とほ)およそ10(ぷん)かかります。
      It takes approximately 10 minutes to walk to the nearest train station from this property.
    • (わたし)おおよそ理解(りかい)したけど、(まわ)りの子達(こたち)はポカーンとした表情(ひょうじょう)先生(せんせい)()ていた。
      I understood most of it, but the people around me were looking at the teacher with a blank stare.
    Fun-fact - The kanji 凡 itself has the meaning of 'commonplace' and may also be translated as 'as a rule'. This just indicates that (A) is something that largely applies, but is not the case 100% of the time.
    • 美術館(びじゅつかん)では、(およ)高価(こうか)作品(さくひん)展示(てんじ)している。
      As a rule, museums display expensive pieces.



    • まずは計画(けいかく)おおよそ説明(せつめい)しよう。

      To start with, let's roughly explain the plan.

      • 地震(じしん)による犠牲者(ぎせいしゃ)およそ百二十(ひゃくにじゅう)(にん)です。

        There are approximately 120 victims as a result of the earthquake.

        • (わたし)(いえ)から実家(じっか)までおよそ(じっ)キロ(はな)れている。

          My house is separated from my family home by approximately 10 kilometers.

          • およそ見積(みつ)もりを()ててから詳細(しょうさい)をつめる。

            Let's hammer out the details after setting up a rough approximation.

            • パーティーにくるおおよそ人数(にんずう)把握(はあく)する。

              To figure out roughly how many people will come to the party.

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