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N1 Lesson 6: 3/17


On the occasion of, While … as well, While … (one is) at it, During, Along the way

Some Japanese use it in a way similar to ながら, like in ドライブがてら話し合った


Verb[ます+ がてら
Noun + がてら,


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About がてら

がてら is a neologism that is used in the same way as an adverbial particle in modern Japanese, and will connect to the conjunctive form of verbs, and to nouns. It is similar to ながら in that it will be translated as 'while (A), (B)', 'during (A), (B)', or 'on the occasion of (A)'.
When (A) is a noun, it will almost always be a noun that signifies some sort of physical movement.
  • (おとうと)(えき)から(むか)がてらに、今夜(こんや)夕飯(ゆうはん)()(もの)をしに()く。
    I will go grocery shopping for tonight's dinner on my way to pick up my brother as well.
  • 友達(ともだち)(いえ)()がてら(ちか)くの神社(じんじゃ)にお(まい)りに()った。
    While going to my friend's house, I went to pray at the shrine nearby as well.
  • ワンちゃんの散歩(さんぽ)がてらに、ペットショップにいってくる。
    While taking my dog on a walk, I am going to go to the pet store as well.
  • 運動(うんどう)がてら会社(かいしゃ)まで自転車(じてんしゃ)()くことにした。
    On the occasion of exercising, I decided to ride the bicycle to work.
Unlike ながら, がてら focuses more on (A) being a good opportunity which can be utilized or taken advantage of in order to do (B).
Fun Fact
がてら is a vocal change of がてり, which originally comes from an abbreviation of the conjunctive form of ()つ, かて 'to mix together', and あり. So かてあり was abbreviated to かてり, which then went through sound changes to がてり and がてら. However, the 'being mixed together' meaning is still kept in the modern day nuance of this grammar point.



  • 「イノシシの散歩(さんぽ)がてらちょっとコンビニまで()ってきます。」

    'While taking a walk with my pet wild boar, I will go to the convenience store as well.'

    • 「お花見(はなみ)がてら公園(こうえん)散歩(さんぽ)しよう。」

      'Let's take a walk in the park while viewing the cherry blossoms as well.'

      • 回顧録(かいころく):「ヒースロー空港(くうこう)への移動(いどう)がてら観光(かんこう)スポットを(おとず)れた。」

        Memoir: 'I visited some tourist attractions on my way to Heathrow Airport as well.'

        • (かえ)がてら手紙(てがみ)()してくるね。」

          I'll post the letter on my way home as well.

          • 友達(ともだち)との(はなし):「じゃあ()(もの)がてら紅葉(こうよう)()()かないか?」

            Chat between friends: 'So, why don't we view the autumn leaves while shopping as well?'

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