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N1 Lesson 6: 4/17


In order to, To, For the purpose of

Exception: する → せん


Verb[ない+ + + ため(に)
Verb[ない+ + + ため + + Noun

する → せため


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About んがため(に)

んがため is a grammar pattern used when indicating that something is being done 'for the purpose of (A)', or 'with (A) as the goal'. ん comes from an abbreviation of む, which is a classical auxiliary verb used to show intent or strong will in the same way as う and よう in modern Japanese. ん is then followed by が, and the noun ため 'sake', or 'purpose'.
ん connects to the indeterminate form of verbs (ない stem). Either の or に will usually come after んがため, depending on whether it is followed directly by a noun, or a statement linking to a verb.
  • (かれ)(わか)(ころ)からお(かね)()んがために色々(いろいろ)我慢(がまん)してきた。
    In order to save up money, he has sacrificed a lot since he was young.
  • (わたし)両親(りょうしん)たちは(わたし)たちの(ゆめ)(かな)んがために毎日(まいにち)(やす)まずに仕事(しごと)をしてきました。
    In order to fulfill our dreams, my parents have worked everyday without any rest.
  • こんなことはしたくないが大会(たいかい)()んがためのことだ。
    I don't want to do such a thing, but in order to win this competition.
  • ()(のこ)りの商品(しょうひん)()んがための作戦(さくせん)(かんが)えたが(なに)(おも)いつかなかった。
    I tried to come up with a strategy in order to sell the unsold goods, but came up with nothing.
The meaning of む is kept in ん, as this grammar structure will imply the speaker's will to achieve the goal of (A). As む expresses intent, the verb that ん is attached to must be something that can be controlled by the speaker.
Like most classical structures that interact with する, the more old-fashioned せ will be used as the base, rather than し.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)自分(じぶん)作戦(さくせん)成功(せいこう)させんがために友達(ともだち)裏切(うらぎ)った。
    She betrayed her friends in order to make her plans work.




    Article: 'That company took advantage of the elderly in order to sell defective products.'


    Socrates: 'Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.' (for the purpose of)


    Novel: 'The war for the purpose of acquiring the ring of power has begun.'


    Novel: 'The cooperation of dwarves, humans, and elves is needed in order to save the world from the army of the Demon King.'


    A historical novel, A: 'And what if we fail?'
    B: 'If that happens, the time may come when we will be forced to retreat in order to protect ourselves. '

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んがため(に) – Grammar Discussion

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  • JSBeck


    I am little confused about this sentence.
    I thought that the nai form of 為さる was 為さらない and hence it would be 為さらん. Is this a special case?

  • nekoyama



  • JSBeck


    ah of course, that makes a lot more sense. I was just blindly following the prompt word of 為さる, that was with the sentence. thanks Neko

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