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N4 Lesson 10: 7/18


Can see, Can be seen, Can observe, Can be observed, Be evident, Chance to see something


Noun + (1) + ()られる



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About がみられる

Unlike ()える 'to be visible', which focuses on whether something can be seen or not, ()られる (the potential form of ()る) focuses on the viewer's physical ability to see something. Due to this ()られる is used to highlight things that require some form of 'effort' to see, like 'changes', 'trends', etc.
As a result of the 'effort' that is required, ()られる is often translated as 'for (A) to be evident', 'it can be observed that (A)', 'it can be seen that (A)', and other similar structures. To use ()られる, simply add it after the noun that you would like to show as being 'evident'.
  • この部屋(へや)から富士山(ふじさん)()られる
    Mount Fuji can be seen from this room. (If you look closely, and it is a clear day)
  • 奈良(なら)()横断歩道(おうだんほどう)(わた)シカ()られる
    If you go to Nara, you can observe deer crossing the crosswalk. (If you are lucky, and the timing is right)
As られる is both the potential and passive form of ()る, it may be interpreted either way. However, in the case of ラ()言葉(ことば) (ら removed verbs), only 可能(かのう) (possibility) may be expressed, not ()() (passivity).
  • 最近(さいきん)タッチパネル()ている冷蔵庫(れいぞうこ)()られる。
    Recently, refrigerators with touch panels can be seen.
  • 最近(さいきん)タッチパネル()ている冷蔵庫(れいぞうこ)()る。
    Recently, you can see refrigerators with touch panels.




    In summer, bears can be seen here.


    Kiwifruit is generally eaten after peeling the skin, but people who eat it without peeling the skin can also be observed.


    With modern technology, we can observe photographs of black holes while being on earth.


    Recently, smartphones that are made of glass can be seen.


    I hope I can see Himeji Castle one day. (chance to be seen)

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