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-style, Way, Fashion

風 is read "ふう", not "かぜ"


Noun + (ふう)
Noun + (ふう) + () + Noun


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About 風

(ふう) is a suffix that is used in Japanese to convey the meaning of 'in the style of (A)', or 'in the fashion of (A)'. Literally, this translates to 'in the wind of (A)', which is just the Japanese way of expressing the former statements.
To use (ふう), attach it to the end of a noun that you want to label something as being in the 'style' of.
  • 90(ねん)(だい)(ふう)ファッションまた流行(はや)てきています
    90's style fashion is starting to gain popularity again.
  • アメリカ(ふう)料理(りょうり)()です
    I like American style food.
may also be attached to the end of (ふう), before connecting it to another noun. This will show that '(B) is in the style of (A)'.
  • メキシコ(ふう)料理(りょうり)()たいです
    I want to eat Mexican food.
  • 広島(ひろしま)(ふう)(この)()一番(いちばん)おいし
    Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is the most delicious.
As a compound structure, this suffix is always pronounced ふう, never かぜ (the standard reading of (かぜ)).




    A western-style marriage ceremony is popular in Japan.


    My mother likes Dutch-style salad.


    When it comes to pubs, I think I prefer the Korean style.


    I want the Chinese-style dress!


    The young woman in university-style (appearance) was talking on the phone while smoking a cigarette.

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風 – Grammar Discussion

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    “If you thought that this dress is in a modern style, then you were greatly mistaken.”

    Given the だ in the beginning and at the end, shouldn’t the translation be in present tense?

    “If you think¹ that this dress is in a modern style, then you are greatly mistaken.”

    ¹ More natural English should probably use present progessive (“are thinking”).

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