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Just because… doesn't mean…


Phrase + からといって + Phrase + ことにはならない
Phrase[ても] + ことにはならない


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About ことにはならない

ことにはならない is an expression which is often seen at the end of sentences when the speaker wants to emphasize that something said earlier is not necessarily the case. Often, structures like ても 'even if' or からといって 'just because' will appear in the first half of the sentence, before ことにはならない will simply highlight that 'it will not be that (B)'. As a grouping, the whole expression is often interpreted as 'just because (A), it doesn't mean that (B)'.
ことにはならない is a construction of こと, に, は, and the negated form of the う-Verb なる 'to become'. In this way, the literal meaning is that 'just because of (A), (B) is not something that will come about'.
  • みんなが簡単(かんたん)にできたからと()って、(きみ)にも簡単(かんたん)にできるということにはならない
    Just because it was easy for everyone else doesn't mean it will be easy for you.
  • いくら上司(じょうし)でも、仕事(しごと)全部(ぜんぶ)部下(ぶか)たちに()()けてもいいことにはならない
    Just because you are the boss doesn't mean that you can force all your work onto your subordinates.
  • 5(ふん)ノートを見直(みなお)しただけでは、勉強(べんきょう)したことにはならない
    Just because you reviewed your notes for five minutes doesn't mean that you have studied.
Although not required, the (B) expression may be emphasized even further by the inclusion of という before ことにはならない.
  • (なぐ)られたからと()って、(なぐ)(かえ)してもいいということにはならない
    Just because someone hits you doesn't mean it's okay to hit back.



  • 母親(ははおや)(うつく)しいと()われても(かなら)その(むすめ)成長(せいちょう)して美人(びじん)になるということにはならない

    Just because a mother happens to be beautiful does not necessarily mean that her daughter will grow up to be the same.

    • いいホテル()まろうと()ったとしても一流(いちりゅう)ホテル()まることにはならない

      Just because I said let's stay at a nice hotel, that doesn't mean we will stay at a five star hotel.

      • サンタさん(たん)(ふと)っているからと()って煙突(えんとつ)から(はい)れないということにはならない

        Simply because Santa is fat, doesn't mean that he can't come in through the chimney.

        • (かね)(はら)からといって、いくらでも(さけ)()んでいいということにはならない

          Just because I am paying doesn't mean that it is okay to drink as much as you like.

          • 撮影(さつえい)からといって近所(きんじょ)(ひと)迷惑(めいわく)をかけてもいいということにはならない

            Just because it is photography, doesn't mean that it is okay to create a nuisance for your neighbors.

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            ことにはならない – Grammar Discussion

            Most Recent Replies (2 in total)

            • ezhmd



              Is there any explanation why all examples use という (except 泊まることにはならない) ?

              And what’s the difference between the ones that use という and not?
              e.g. …一流ホテルに泊まることにはならない vs …一流ホテルに泊まるということにはならない

            • mrnoone



              Basically, by adding という the speaker makes it more objective.Plus it is easy to conjugate. Especially when it comes to nouns and なadjectives.

              Generally, it is much more common for という to be added before ことにはならない or わけではない in sentence with からといって than not be added. You can think of it as very common pattern or rule of thumb.

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