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However, Nevertheless, But


Phrase。 しかしながら + Phrase


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About しかしながら

When combined with the conjunction しかし 'however', the particle ながら 'while', or 'although' creates a new word which itself is used as a conjunction, or occasionally adverbially. しかしながら is itself often translated as 'however', or 'nevertheless', although it is stronger than しかし by itself.
A more literal translation which may carry the strength of this grammar pattern a bit better would be 'while however, (B)', or 'even while true, (B)'. Just like in English, the extension of the phrase in Japanese adds emphasis to the overall meaning.
しかしながら will primarily appear at the beginning of a new sentence when referring back to something that has previously been stated, either by the speaker themselves or by another.
  • 日本(にほん)安全(あんぜん)(くに)だと()われている。しかしながら100%安全(あんぜん)というわけでもない。
    Japan is said to be a safe country. However, it is not 100% safe.
  • 精一杯(せいいっぱい)頑張(がんば)れば(ゆめ)(かな)うと()われている。しかしながら人生(じんせい)はそう(あま)くない。
    It is said that if you work as hard as you can, your dreams will come true. However, life is not so easy.
  • そのアイデアはいいと(おも)います。しかしながら我々(われわれ)予算(よさん)だとそのプランを実行(じっこう)することはできないでしょう。
    I think the idea is good. However, our budget will not allow us to implement that plan.
As しかしながら is primarily used as an emphasized version of しかし, which itself is formal, しかしながら will primarily be seen in literature, or in formal spoken language.




    Article: 'It is a fact that parents have a hard time looking at their children objectively. However, should the need arise, I think they are also able to look at them without any presumptions.'


    Article: 'Many smokers know that smoking is one of the causes of cancer. However, they don't care and continue to smoke.'


    'Certain electric cars can steer automatically. However, the driver still has to keep their hands on the steering wheel.'


    Article about online safety: 'Online shopping is considered safe. However, it doesn't mean that the likelihood of falling victim to a scam is 0.'


    Article about online safety: 'Many people think that they can open attachments in Gmail safely because it scans for files with antivirus software. However, it is still not completely safe, so please be careful.'

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