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N2 Lesson 1: 16/21

there is no chance of/no way of・impossible

Verb[ます+ っこない
Verb[ます+ っこない + です(1)

(1) However if you really have to be polite
then it is better to not use っこない.
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使用域 一般
っこない is a combination of the 接尾語(せつびご) (suffix) っこ, and the い-Adjective ない. When attached to the 連用形(れんようけい) (masu-stem form) of verbs, it creates new い-Adjectives that express the impossibility of (A). (A) being whichever verb is used.
Common translations of っこない include ‘there is no chance of (A)’, or ‘doing (A) is impossible’.
  • 今年(ことし)中(じゅう)に30万円(まんえん)貯(た)めたいの?お前(まえ)の給料(きゅうりょう)じゃできっこないよ。
    You want to save up 300 thousand yen this year? There is no chance you can with your salary.
  • どんなに鍛(きた)えてもあの人(ひと)だけには勝(か)てっこないよ。
    No matter how much I train, there is no chance that I can beat him.
  • あんなデカい家(いえ)、どんなに貯金(ちょきん)しても買(か)えっこないよ。
    I will not be able to buy a house that big, no matter how much I save.
Caution - Although extremely rare, as っこ stems from the kanji 子(こ), this grammar point may occasionally be seen in its kanji form.
  • 明日(あした)までに5ページのレポートとか、絶対(ぜったい)書(か)けっ子(こ)ないよ。
    There is no way that I can write a 5 page essay by tomorrow.
  • こんな漢字(かんじ)だらけの新聞(しんぶん)なんて読(よ)めっ子(こ)ない
    There is no way I can read this newspaper that is filled with kanji.
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If you do not practice a lot, there is no way you will be able to do a musical performance.
If you do not write in Japanese, there is no way you will understand how to write in it.
Angry mother: There is no way you are going to accomplish anything if you are just sitting at home, playing games like a hikikomori.

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