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N3 Lesson 6: 24/24


In, Of, According to

Lit. “if you were to say... in (terms of)/as”


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About で言うと

でいうと is an expression in Japanese that is commonly used to ask questions, or to give information about how one thing corresponds with another. It is a combination of the case marking particle meaning 'with', and ()うと meaning 'if said', or 'if we say'.
This structure will be seen after nouns, and can be translated as 'if said with (A), (B)'.
  • このバイクは、(くるま)()うとランボルギーニみたいなもの
    If we say it's a car, this bike is something like a Lamborghini.
  • 日本(にほん)()うとパンみたいなもの?
    If we say Japan, is it something like bread? (Would this be considered bread in Japan)
  • 一言(ひとこと)()うと(かれ)本当(ほんとう)(すご)(ひと)
    If said in a word, he is an amazing person.
でいうと will often be seen in sentences with ()たる 'to be equivalent to', another common grammar structure used for drawing connections between things.
  • 「What's up」は日本語(にほんご)でいうと、「元気(げんき)()たる
    If said with Japanese, 'what's up' is equivalent to 'Genki'.
  • コンピューターでいうとRAM()たる
    If we say it's a computer, it is equivalent to Ram.
Fun Fact
一言(ひとこと)()うと is a set expression that means 'to put it in a word', 'in short', or 'to sum up'.
  • 一言(ひとこと)()うと(かれ)とはもう()わないことにした
    To sum it up, I have decided to never see him again.



  • 西暦(せいれき)の2019(ねん)は、令和(れいわ)()元年(がんねん)()たります。

    The year 2019, on the western calendar, corresponds to the first year of Reiwa.

    • そのテレビは50インチです。メートル(ほう)()およそ127センチです。

      That TV is 50 inches. This is about 127 centimeters in the metric system.

      • バイナリの1001は十進数(じっしんすう)()、9に()たります。

        The binary 1001 corresponds to 9 in decimal.

        十進数 can also be read じゅっしんすう, and is especially used in spoken language.

        • (さかな)のえらというのは(ひと)()(はい)にあたる器官(きかん)だ。

          Fish gills are organs that correspond to lungs in humans.

          • 統計(とうけい)()(きゃく)の70%が観光客(かんこうきゃく)だ。

            According to statistics, 70% of customers are tourists.

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