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N2 Lesson 10: 18/20

it is not that, it doesn't mean that, it is not always the case

In casual language というわけじゃない can be used.

Verb + という + わけでは(1)ない
[い]Adjective + という + わけでは(1)ない
[な]Adjective +()+ という + わけでは(1)ない
Noun +()+ という + わけでは(1)ない

(1) じゃ
Verb + という + わけでは(1)ありません
[い]Adjective + という + わけでは(1)ありません(2)
[な]Adjective +()+ という + わけでは(1)ありません(2)
Noun +()+ という + わけでは(1)ありません(2)

(1) じゃ
(2) ないです
Register Standard
使用域 一般
と言(い)うわけではない is often considered an emphasized version of わけではない in stating that something ‘doesn’t mean that (A)’, ‘(A) is not always the case’, or ‘it’s not that (A)’. Being that という often presents (A) as a matter for discussion, or an important quotation structure, it will regularly be used to refer back to something that another person has said, in order to clarify that it may not be 100% accurate.
というわけではない may be used after any structure that could usually be paired with という, and a more literal translation may be thought of as ‘it is not so that (A) can be said’. Although not required, だ will often be seen before nouns and な-Adjectives, and というわけではない.
  • 日本(にほん)に2年間(ねんかん)住(す)んでいたからと言(い)って、日本語(にほんご)を話(はな)せるというわけではない
    Just because I lived in Japan for two years does not mean I speak Japanese.
  • 数学(すうがく)は嫌(きら)いというわけではない、ただ苦手(にがて)なだけだ。
    It's not that I don't like math, I'm just not good at it.
  • いつもニコニコしているからって、親切(しんせつ)だというわけではない
    Just because they are always smiling doesn't mean they are nice.
  • 離婚(りこん)というわけではないが、しばらく別居(べっきょ)することになった。
    It was not a divorce, but we had to live separately for a while.
と言(い)うわけではない will regularly be used when the speaker is denying that something said earlier is the reason for something. This could either be a misunderstanding that they themselves want to avoid, or something that the listener asked them to clarify.
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Mother: Why aren't you eating? Do you hate my cooking?
Son: It is not the case that I hate it, I am simply not hungry at the moment.
It is not the case that all mushrooms are poisonous.
This computer, despite not being the fastest, many people bought it. What the heck?
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