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As if to say, As if to suggest that, In such a way that, Things like


Verb + というふうに + Phrase
(Topic)(Method) + というふうに + Phrase


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About という風に

Like ふうに, the grammar point indicating that something is being done 'in the way of (A)', というふうに uses the same suffix of (ふう) 'wind', 'air', to express that something is being done 'as if to say (A)', 'as if to suggest (A)', or 'in such a way that (A)'.
As this construction is just a combination of という 'to say', and ふうに 'in a manner', the literal meaning of this expression is similar to 'in a way that would say that (A)'. This simply highlights the speaker's uncertainty about what the actual situation is, and that they are only commenting on appearances.
というふうに may be seen directly after verbs, or after nouns expressing the way in which something is being done. The (B) portion of these phrases will then indicate exactly what is being done 'in a way as if to say (A)'.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)(ひる)休憩(きゅうけい)(かえ)というふうに()いています。
    I heard something as if to suggest that she is going to go home during lunch break.
  • 鈴木(すずき)さんはこの試験(しけん)(いのち)がかかっているというふうに勉強(べんきょう)をした。
    Suzuki-san studied as if to suggest that his life depended on this exam.
  • (わたし)(いま)まで自分(じぶん)一番(いちばん)仕事(しごと)ができる(ひと)というふうに(おも)っていた。
    Until recently, I always thought in such a way as to suggest that I was the most capable person when it comes to work.
  • (かれ)はデザイン、(ぼく)はプログラミング、というふうに役割(やくわり)()けてアプリを開発(かいはつ)することにした。
    We decided to develop the application by dividing the roles in the following way: he would do the design and I would do the programming.
Caution - Because という often quotes the entire statement before it, it will be important to remember this when figuring out exactly what というふうに is emphasizing.




    Detective: He looked at me as if to suggest that he knew some circumstances of that accident.


    She was running in a way that suggested her life depended on it.


    I heard something as if to suggest that the secretary decided to quit.


    Father: 'Tell mom in such a way as to suggest that I will be late.'


    We all prepared for a guest visit, in the following ways: I cleaned, mom made dinner, and dad fired up the fireplace.

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      という風に – Grammar Discussion

      Most Recent Replies (5 in total)

      • nekoyama


        I think it’s just intended to say that there can be a bunch of stuff before the と.
        Like in this example sentence from the grammar point:

      • Fuga


        Hey @Hadros232232 !

        という風に is used as ‘as if to suggest that/ in such a way that’, while ようにいう is used as ‘request/ order to do (in such a way)’, and it is used when you want to request or order someone to do something is a specific way.

        I heard something as if to suggest that the secretary decided to quit.

        The CEO of the company was telling the secretary to quit her job.

        We hope that this answers your question!

      • pandashoujo


        I’m confused as to the difference between 風に and という風に…

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