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N2 Lesson 7: 9/21

although, but, even though

が and けれども can replace ものの, ものの cannot always replace が and けれども

Verb + ものの + Phrase
[い]Adjective + ものの + Phrase
[な]Adjective + (2) + ものの + Phrase
Noun + ではある(1) + ものの + Phrase

(1) であるであった
(2) だった、ではあるであった
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使用域 硬い
ものの is a formal conjunction-particle used to illustrate that while (A) is a fact, the result or condition of (B) cannot be attributed to (A), could not be predicted through (A), or is in direct contrast to (A).
ものの may appear directly after verb, い-Adjectives, nouns followed by である, or な-Adjectives followed by な.
  • マッチングアプリで出会(であ)った人(ひと)とデートに行(い)ったものの、共通点(きょうつうてん)が何(なに)もなかったのでまた会(あ)うことはないだろう。
    Although I went on a date with someone I met on a matching app, we had nothing in common, so I doubt we will meet again.
  • 今(いま)の仕事(しごと)の給料(きゅうりょう)は高(たか)いものの、家族(かぞく)と過(す)ごせる時間(じかん)が少(すく)ないから転職(てんしょく)を考(かんが)えている。
    Although my current job pays well, I am considering changing jobs because I don’t have much time to spend with my family.
  • あのお店(みせ)が出(だ)す商品(しょうひん)はユニークではあるものの、高(たか)すぎるので手(て)が出(だ)せない。
    Although the products offered by that store are unique, they are too expensive for me to afford.
  • 伊藤(いとう)先生(せんせい)は英語(えいご)の先生(せんせい)ではあるものの、日常(にちじょう)的(てき)な英語(えいご)は話(はな)せないそうだ。
    Even though Ms. Ito is an English teacher, I have heard that she doesn’t speak everyday English.
Caution - ものの may only be used when the subject or topic of the sentence is the same in both the statements preceding and following it.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)はいろんな楽器(がっき)を演奏(えんそう)できるものの、楽譜(がくふ)は読(よ)めないらしい。
    Although she can play a lot of instruments, I heard that she can’t read music.
  • 彼(かれ)は日本語(にほんご)を勉強(べんきょう)しているものの、韓国語(かんこくご)も勉強(べんきょう)している。
    Although he is studying Japanese, he is also studying Korean.
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Although I finally tried taking my driving test this year, I rarely drive.
Although I constantly said "I want to become a doctor" during my childhood, I never expected to actually become one.
Although professor Yumiko is an expert in economics, she has never worked outside of the university.
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