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By the way, Incidentally


ところで + (New Topic) Phrase


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About ところで

ところで is a conjunction particle that is made up of the noun, ところ 'place', and the case marking particle で. It is used in a similar way to 'by the way', or 'incidentally' in English, but will only be used for introducing new topics, not continuing within the same topic.
ところで will primarily appear at the beginning of a sentence, before making a statement or asking a question about something unrelated.
  • ところで昨日(きのう)(はなし)はどうなった?
    By the way, what happened to the plan you told me about yesterday?
  • ところで、お(たく)旦那(だんな)さん元気(げんき)ていますか。
    By the way, is your husband doing well?
The literal translation of ところで is closer to 'and with that', and implies that something (within the previous topic) suddenly reminded the speaker of another thing (that happens to be a new topic).
When ところで appears after the past tense of a verb as たところで, it carries a different meaning, and will express that something isn't the case, despite (A). This is an advanced grammar point that will be covered at another stage.




    By the way, where do you plan on going?


    By the way, what are you going to bring to the party tomorrow?


    By the way, do you know how to use a computer?


    By the way, where is Uchimoto-san from?


    By the way, has it stopped raining yet?

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