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N2 Lesson 7: 12/21


Judging from, Seeing that


Verb + ところ()


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About ところを見ると

ところを()ると is a set phrase in Japanese that highlights the situation or place of (A), before examining it subjectively. This often comes across simply as 'judging from (A)', or 'seeing that (A)'. Literally, it can be thought of as 'if looking at the aspect of (A)', before the speaker will then go on to state what their judgment is.
This grammar pattern will appear directly following verbs in any of their standard forms.
  • (かれ)がニコニコしているところを()ると、テストに合格(ごうかく)したに(ちが)いない。
    Seeing that he is smiling, I have no doubt that he passed the test.
  • 漢字(かんじ)綺麗(きれい)()けるところを()ると(かれ)(なが)(あいだ)漢字(かんじ)勉強(べんきょう)しているのかもしれない。
    Judging from the fact that he can write kanji very nicely, he probably has been studying kanji for a long time.
  • (おこ)られていてもずっと携帯(けいたい)()ているところを()ると(かれ)全然(ぜんぜん)反省(はんせい)していないんだろう。
    Seeing that he is looking at his phone despite being scolded, he probably doesn't feel any remorse.
Due to ところを()ると expressing primarily subjective opinions based on single observable actions, the (B) part of sentences including this structure will often include things like だろう, かも, でしょう, ね, etc, in order to show that the speaker is not actually claiming anything factually.



  • 彼女(かのじょ)反論(はんろん)しないところを()(うそ)をついていると(わたし)確信(かくしん)した。

    Judging from the fact that she did not deny it, I am convinced that she is lying.

    • 英語(えいご)流暢(りゅうちょう)(はな)ところを()彼女(かのじょ)帰国(きこく)子女(しじょ)かもしれない。

      Judging from the fact that she speaks English fluently, she probably lived abroad when she was young.

      • (かれ)()()んでいるところを()恋人(こいびと)()られたのかもしれない。

        Judging from the fact that he is sullen, he was probably dumped by his lover.

        • 香水(こうすい)をつけているところを()、お出掛(でか)けですね?

          Seeing that you are wearing perfume, are you going out?

          • このタイミングで交替(こうたい)したところを()あのピッチャーは怪我(けが)をしたのかもしれない。

            Judging from the timing of the change, that pitcher was probably injured.

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