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Object marking particle

Object +
Part of Speech Particle
Word Type Case Marking Particle
Register Standard
品詞 助詞
単語の種類 格助詞
使用域 一般
In Japanese, is a particle that marks the object of an action. This means that the subject (the person or thing performing an action) is performing that action with the object being the goal/target of the action. In most cases, whatever is attached to will not actually be ‘doing’ anything, but will instead have something being done to it.
  • ラーメン食(た)べ
    To eat ramen.
  • 歌(うた)歌(うた)います
    To sing a song.
In these sentences, is marking the thing that is having an action performed ‘on’ it. This is how the Japanese language views the ‘object’. However, unlike English, an object can also be a place in which an action is performed ‘through’, if the goal of that action is based in that location itself.
  • 公園(こうえん)歩(ある)
    To walk through a park. (The park is the object that ‘walking’ is being performed through)
  • 建物(たてもの)中(なか)走(はし)
    To run through a building. (The inside of the building is the object that ‘running’ is being performed through)
In these sentences, is marking the place ‘through’ which the action is taking place. This use of highlights that the place itself is what is being interacted with (running/walking requires interaction with the ground, so the ground/place is the object).
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To memorize kanji.
[object marker・particle]
What will you have to eat?
[object marker・particle]
To eat butter.
[object marker・particle]
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