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Except, With the exception of, Unless


Noun + (のぞ)(は)(1)
Noun + (のぞ) + Noun

(1) (のぞ)


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About を除いて

(のぞ)いて is a formal grammar structure that combines を and the て-form of the う-Verb (のぞ)く 'to exclude'. This pattern will be seen following nouns in their dictionary form, and carries the meaning of 'except for (A), (B)', 'with the exception of (A), (B)', 'unless (A), (B)', or 'excluding (A), (B)'.
As with many verb-based expressions, the standard form may also be used when directly modifying a second noun.
  • 高橋(たかはし)さんと浜崎(はまさき)さん(のぞ)いて(ほか)のみんなは残業(ざんぎょう)をしてください。
    Everyone, with the exception of Takahashi-san and Hamasaki-san, please work overtime.
  • (わたし)(だい)土曜日(どようび)(のぞ)いて毎日(まいにち)(はたら)いています。
    With the exception of the second Saturday of the month, I work every day.
  • そこの(かべ)にかけてあるギター(のぞ)(すべ)てのギターは母親(ははおや)のものです。
    With the exception of that guitar hanging on the wall, all of it is my mother's.
  • 中田(なかた)先生(せんせい)(のぞ)(すべ)ての先生(せんせい)(おな)大学(だいがく)卒業(そつぎょう)したらしい。
    Apparently, all of the teachers, except Mr. Nakata, graduated from the same college.
(のぞ)いて is more formal than 以外(いがい) 'except for', and is frequently found in formal writing, on street signs, and other similar places.


  • 病院(びょういん)スタッフ(のぞ)いて(はい)ってはならない。

    With the exception of hospital staff, do not enter.

  • 警察(けいさつ)捜索(そうさく)(じょう)()っている場合(ばあい)(のぞ)いては(いえ)捜索(そうさく)することができません。

    Police cannot search a building unless they have a search warrant.

  • エウロパ(のぞ)いてこれらすべての世界(せかい)人間(にんげん)(ぞく)しています。

    All these worlds belong to humans, except Europa.

  • 動物(どうぶつ)(えん)にいるもの(のぞ)すべてのライオンはアフリカに生息(せいそく)している。

    All lions, except those in Zoos, live in Africa.

    を除くすべて is a set phrase meaning 'all but (one)' or 'all except'.

  • 動物(どうぶつ)(えん)(のぞ)すべての都立(とりつ)公園(こうえん)無料(むりょう)ある

    All metropolitan parks, excluding zoos, are free.

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を除いて – Grammar Discussion

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  • Kert


    There is only one example with the “unless” translation and is guaranteed to be forgotten when it appears in review like it did for me just now…
    Maybe another grammar point or smth for this case?

  • Humin


    ~を除けば should probably be in the list of alternatives.

  • lisaki8


    This is re the sentence:
    Police cannot enter a building unless they have a search warrant.

    I entered:

    Can you please explain why the grammar point (で)ないことに won’t work here for “unless”?

    Thank you in advance!

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