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N2 Lesson 3: 5/23

regardless of, whether or, no matter, with or without

Noun (A) + (1) + Noun (B) + にかかわら(2)
A(3) + + B(3) + + にかかわら(2)
A(4) + (Antonym) A(4) + にかかわら(2)
A(3) + かどうか(5) + にかかわら(2)
A(3) + A[ない](3) + にかかわら(2)

(1) ・、
(2) にかかわらなく
(3) Noun、 [な]Adjective[い]Adjective、 Verb
(4) [い]Adjective[な]Adjective
(5) か否か
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使用域 硬い
In order to convey ‘regardless of (A)’, ‘no matter if (A)’, or ‘with or without (A)’, the expression に関(かか)わらず will often be used. This is a combination of に, the う-Verb 関(かか)わる ‘to be affected’, ‘to be influenced’, and the literary auxiliary verb ず, which connects with verbs in the same way, and carries the same meaning as ない.
This structure may be seen with verbs or adjectives in either their dictionary or negative forms, or with nouns in their dictionary form. Frequently the same word is repeated in both the positive and the negative, or grouped with かどうか in order to strengthen the ‘whether (A) or not (A)’ nuance.
  • 雨(あめ)が降(ふ)るか降(ふ)らないかに関(かか)わらず、運動会(うんどうかい)は開催(かいさい)されます。
    The sports day will be held, regardless of whether it rains or not.
  • このビーチは天気(てんき)がいいかどうかに関(かか)わらず、毎日(まいにち)サーファーたちで賑(にぎ)わっています。
    This beach is crowded with surfers regardless of the weather.
  • 上手(うま)い下手(へた)に関(かか)わらず、何事(なにごと)も一生懸命(いっしょうけんめい)やるのが大切(たいせつ)だ。
    Regardless of if you are good or bad, it is important to do your best at everything you do.
  • 彼(かれ)は性別(せいべつ)や国籍(こくせき)に関(かか)わらず、誰(だれ)とでも友達(ともだち)になれる。
    Regardless of gender or nationality, he is able to become friends with anyone.
As the literal meaning of this structure is ‘without being influenced by (A), (B)’, or ‘without being affected by (A), (B)’, the primary nuance is on the fact that (B) is something that exists or will happen without consideration for (A). Due to this, に関(かか)わらず may also be used to show that ‘any type of (A) will result in the same (B)’.
  • このゲームは年齢(ねんれい)に関(かか)わらず、誰(だれ)でも楽(たの)しめます!
    Regardless of age, anyone can enjoy this game!
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Regardless of the weather, even if it's rainy, the annual apartment building weeding event will take place.
Regardless of gender or age, people walk for their health every day.
Regardless of having a strong sense of justice or not, as long as one can perform the activities responsibly, then they can become a volunteer.
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