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N3 Lesson 7: 19/21

言(い)うまでもない ②
it goes without saying, it is needless to say, of course, obviously

言うまでもない + こと(1) + が + Phrase

(Phrase (A)) + 言うまでもなく + Phrase (B)

(Phrase (A)) + 言うまでもない + (2) + Phrase (B)

(2) けれどもけれどけどもけど
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Unlike は言(い)うまでもない, which usually comes after other phrases, 言(い)うまでもない tends to come at the beginning. It is a structure that combines the う - Verb 言(い)う, 2 副助詞(ふくじょし) まで and も, and the い-Adjective ない. This is regularly translated as ‘it goes without saying that (A)’, or ‘it is needless to say (A)’, where (A) is whatever comes later in the sentence.
言(い)うまでもない is often followed directly by ことだが, が, けど, and similar expressions, to add the nuance of ‘but’.
  • 言(い)うまでもないことだが、毎日(まいにち)漢字(かんじ)勉強(べんきょう)すれどんどん漢字(かんじ)覚(おぼ)えることができる
    It goes without saying that if you practice kanji everyday, you will steadily memorize them.
  • 電化(でんか)製品(せいひん)使(つか)っている間(あいだ)、言(い)うまでもないが、濡(ぬ)れた手(て)水(みず)周(まわ)り使(つか)うは危険(きけん)
    While you are using electronics, it is needless to say that you should not use them with wet hands or around water.
  • 言(い)うまでもないけど、君(きみ)会(あ)えて良(よ)かった。
    It goes without saying, but I am glad that I met you.
Fun Fact
言(い)うまでもない is a polite way to express that something is ‘obvious’, without unintentionally sounding arrogant.
  • 言(い)うまでもないことだが、お酒(さけ)飲(の)んで運転(うんてん)てはいけない
    Obviously, you should not drink and drive.
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A: "Hey, are there any animals I shouldn't approach?"
B: "Hmm, lions and snakes go without saying, but hippos are also dangerous."
言うまでもなく、言うまでもないが、言うまでもないけど can be used as 'not only but also'.
It goes without saying that brackets are used to make reading easier.
Sadao-san's wife, Emi-san can speak Korean, not to mention English.
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