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N2 Lesson 3: 11/23


As long as, While… is the case, Limited to


Verb[る](1) + (かぎ) + Phrase
Verb[ない]+ (かぎ) + Phrase
Verb[ている]+ (かぎ) + Phrase
Noun + である + (かぎ)

(1) Verb[た]


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About 限り

Although several grammar patterns make use of the う-Verb (かぎ)る 'to limit', (かぎ) may be the most versatile. This is partly because it does not include に like other (かぎ)る based structures, and therefore will have its meaning modified by the word that comes directly before it.
(かぎ)り will follow verbs in their standard forms, and nouns linked to である. Let's take a look at a few of the standard meanings and translations.
The first meaning indicates that (B) is something that is limited to being within the scope of (A). This is the most standard meaning and can be translated as 'limited to (A), (B)'.
  • (かれ)真剣(しんけん)芸人(げいにん)になりたいと()っている(かぎ)(かれ)(ゆめ)(かな)うだろう。
    Him achieving his dream is limited to him being serious about becoming a comedian.
  • この商品(しょうひん)販売(はんばい)今週(こんしゅう)(かぎ)とさせていただきます。
    Sales of this item will be limited to this week.
The second meaning highlights that within the limit or scope of some particular source of information, (B) is true. This scope usually relates to the senses (like vision), or to knowledge. This may be interpreted as 'as far as (A), (B)', 'as long as (A), (B)'.
  • (かれ)から()いた(かぎ)田中(たなか)(くん)退学(たいがく)になるらしい。
    As far as I heard from him, apparently, Tanaka-kun is getting expelled.
  • このアパートの住人(じゅうにん)である(かぎ)は、アパートのルールを(まも)っていただかないと(こま)ります。
    As long as you are a resident of this apartment, we need you to follow the apartment rules.
The third and final meaning of (かぎ)り will imply that 'limited to (A) being the case, (B) will occur'. In this nuance, (かぎ)り simply implies that assuming that (A) is true, (B) is something that will need to be taken into account as well. This will be interpreted as 'while (A) is the case, (B)', or 'assuming (A), (B)'.
  • 日本(にほん)()(かぎ)日本(にほん)法律(ほうりつ)(まも)らなければいけない。
    Assuming that you live in Japan, you need to obey Japanese law.
  • 家族(かぞく)大黒柱(だいこくばしら)である(かぎ)家族(かぞく)(ささ)えなければならない。
    Since I am the pillar of the family, I must support my family.
Despite these various meanings, (かぎ)る will always highlight (A) as the limit or constraint within which the logic of (B) exists.




    As long as you don't forget to warm-up, the possibility of getting injured will be low.


    Horror movie protagonist: 'As long as we are walking close to one another, no-one will get lost.'


    A: 'Excuse me, is there a supermarket around here?'
    B: 'As far as I know, it is a bit further down the road.'


    Conversation between bank robbers: 'As far as I know (after making sure), no-one has seen our faces during the operation.'


    A: 'Is Tanaka-san married?'
    B: 'As far as I have heard, he is still single.'

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    In the example sentence 休息をとらない限り、体調は回復しませんよ, would ことには not work in place of 限り?

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