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N1 Lesson 1: 14/17


Just, Merely, Simply, Only

Remember that までだ might simply mean "until" especially if there is no conditional/following period 「期限今月末までだ」


(Negative Situation) Verb[ば](1) + Verb[る]+ まで(2) +

(1) Phrase[たら]Phrase[ても]
(2) までのこと


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About ~るまでだ

までだ, and までのことだ are structures that are usually translated as 'merely (B)', or 'simply (B)'. However, they are almost always used in somewhat hypothetical sentences, and translate much closer to 'one can only but (B)'. This nuance indicates a sense of resignation, or understanding on the part of the speaker that they personally have no options beyond (B).
This grammar pattern will be used following verbs in their dictionary form, and will often come at the end of a sentence that uses なら in the first clause. In this way, it will mean 'if (A), then (B) is all that can be done'. (A) will almost always be a negative situation.
  • (だれ)にも(おし)えてもらえないなら、ネットで調(しら)べてみるまでだ
    If no one is going to teach me, I will just search it online.
  • もし失敗(しっぱい)したのなら、もう一回(いっかい)挑戦(ちょうせん)るまでだ失敗(しっぱい)しても(あきら)めないことが大切(たいせつ)だ。
    If you made a mistake, you just have to try again. It is important to not give up even if you fail.
  • (だれ)(むか)えにきてくれないのなら、電車(でんしゃ)(かえ)るまでのことだ
    If no one is going to come pick me up, I will simply go home by train.
  • この会社(かいしゃ)入社(にゅうしゃ)できなかったら、(べつ)会社(かいしゃ)(さが)までのことです
    If I can't join this company, I will simply look for a different one.
Examining the standard meaning of the particle まで as signifying an extent, it can be seen that this meaning is kept in までだ, with the speaker expressing that (B) is the extent of what is possible given the negative circumstances brought about by (A).




    If I fail the JLPT, I will simply try it once again.


    If I miss the train, I will simply wait for the next one.


    If I can't find work in my motherland, I will simply move abroad.


    A conversation between a couple: 'If you say I have to quit, then I will simply quit.'


    'If a problem arises, I will just solve it.'

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        Hello! In my reviews, I got a sentence wrong because I didn’t write のこと, but there is no explanation as to when we need to add it. When is までのことだ absolutely necessary instead of までだ? The only explanation I saw was that it is simply used for emphasis.

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