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N3 Lesson 6: 17/24

う・よう + としない

Not willing to, Not make an effort to, To not attempt or try to, Volitional + としない


Verb[おう] + としない


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About 〜ようとしない

Like ~ようと思う 'I think that I shall do (A)', ~ようとしない is a combination of a verb that has been grouped with the auxiliary verb う (or よう), followed by the case marking particle と, and then another verb. In this case, する. ~ようとしない is often translated as 'shall not (A)', but with emphasis on a lack of effort, or willingness.
  • (かれ)(おこ)ているから(だれ)(はなし)()こうとしない
    Since he is angry, he is not willing to listen to what anyone has to say.
  • (いえ)なかなか(かえ)ろうとしない
    He isn't quite trying to go home. (It doesn't seem like he is going to leave anytime soon)
As ~ようとしない implies a lack of effort, this expression is usually quite negative, and mostly refers to other people, rather than the speaker themselves. If ~ようとしない were used to refer to the speaker, it will come across as 'I shall not do (A)', which would sound very abrupt/potentially rude. If speaking about yourself, ようと(おも)わない may be used instead, meaning 'I don't think I shall do (A)', or 'I think I shan't do (A)'.
  • 自分(じぶん)から()って()ようと(おも)わないけど(だれ)(もら)たら()べるかも。
    I don't think I would eat it if I had to buy it myself, but I might if someone gave it to me.
  • (わたし)性格(せいかく)()ようと(おも)わない
    I think I shan't change my personality.




    Even if he does something bad, he will not make an effort to admit it.


    She is not willing to give up on the man she likes.


    Even though you're disliked by everyone you won't try to change your personality?


    Although it's nice outside, my son is not willing to go outside.


    If you are not willing to believe me, even after I took the time to explain things to you, then so be it.

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