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N3 Lesson 6: 17/24

う・よう + としない

Not willing to, Not make an effort to, To not attempt or try to, Volitional + としない


Verb[おう] + としない


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About 〜ようとしない

Like ~ようと思う 'I think that I shall do (A)', ~ようとしない is a combination of a verb that has been grouped with the auxiliary verb う (or よう), followed by the case marking particle と, and then another verb. In this case, する. ~ようとしない is often translated as 'shall not (A)', but with emphasis on a lack of effort, or willingness.
  • (かれ)(おこ)ているから(だれ)(はなし)()こうとしない
    Since he is angry, he is not willing to listen to what anyone has to say.
  • (いえ)なかなか(かえ)ろうとしない
    He isn't quite trying to go home. (It doesn't seem like he is going to leave anytime soon)
As ~ようとしない implies a lack of effort, this expression is usually quite negative, and mostly refers to other people, rather than the speaker themselves. If ~ようとしない were used to refer to the speaker, it will come across as 'I shall not do (A)', which would sound very abrupt/potentially rude. If speaking about yourself, ようと(おも)わない may be used instead, meaning 'I don't think I shall do (A)', or 'I think I shan't do (A)'.
  • 自分(じぶん)から()って()ようと(おも)わないけど(だれ)(もら)たら()べるかも。
    I don't think I would eat it if I had to buy it myself, but I might if someone gave it to me.
  • (わたし)性格(せいかく)()ようと(おも)わない
    I think I shan't change my personality.


  • (かれ)自分(じぶん)(わる)ことをしても、(けっ)して(みと)ようとしない

    Even if he does something bad, he will not make an effort to admit it.

  • 彼女(かのじょ)()(おとこ)(あきら)ようとしない

    She is not willing to give up on the man she likes.

  • (みんな)(きら)われているのに、性格(せいかく)()ようとしないの?

    Even though you're disliked by everyone you won't try to change your personality?

  • こんな天気(てんき)いいのに、うちの息子(むすこ)(そと)()ようとしない

    Although it's nice outside, my son is not willing to go outside.

  • これだけ説明(せつめい)しても(しん)ようとしないならもういい

    If you are not willing to believe me, even after I took the time to explain things to you, then so be it.

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