N1 Lesson 8: 12/17
~ばこそ ~ばこそ


precisely because
only because
due to

Structure Legend
Verb[ば]+ こそ + Phrase
[い]Adjective[ば]+ こそ + Phrase
[な]Adjective + であれ + こそ + Phrase
Noun + であれ + こそ + Phrase
Phrase (A)。であれこそ + Phrase(B)
AばこそB is a subjective expression used to emphasize foremost reason/cause A for B. In B explanatory の is often used. Negative predicates or past form are rare in B. It is old fashioned and very formal expression so modern Japanese prefer to use からこそ instead.

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Company president: “Precisely because we work together as members of the team, we can succeed. ”

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