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N5 Lesson 10: 7/12

(Adjective) + のは
The 'one' that... (indefinite pronoun, adjective nominalization)

[な]Adjective + + + は(1)
[い]Adjective + + は(1)

Part of Speech Expression
Word Type Case Marking Particle
Register Standard
品詞 表現
単語の種類 格助詞
使用域 一般
One of the roles that the particle can take in Japanese is replacing a noun that has already been mentioned, or one that has not been mentioned yet. In this way, it is similar to ‘the one that (A)’ in English. When using this expression, we will need to use before , when a な-Adjective is being used.
  • 可愛(かわい)のは私(わたし)犬(いぬ)です
    The one that is cute is my dog.
  • 心配(しんぱい)のはあなたです
    The one that is to be worried about is you.
When using this expression, will be followed by , , or , depending on what the speaker/writer wants to express.
  • 安(やす)のはあのペン
    The one that is cheap is that pen. (Without much consideration for other things)
  • 熱(あつ)のがこれです
    This is the one that is hot. (Specifically highlighting one thing out of several)
  • 冷(つめ)たのも好(す)きです
    I also like the one that is cold.
may be used more than once in the same sentence, referring to the same noun.
  • ここある車(くるま)の中(なか)で好(す)きのはあの赤(あか)
    Out of the cars that are here, the one that I like is that red one over there.
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The one that is new is his car.
['one' = 'a car']
元気(げんき) のは社長(しゃちょう)です
The one that is energetic is the manager.
['one' = 'a person']
The one that is difficult is history.
['one' = 'a school subject']
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