N5 Lesson 8: 12/13
あげる あげる


to give (away)
to present
to provide

⚠ For both あげる and くれる,
に marks the recipient.
Cannot be used when something is given to someone of higher status than the speaker.

Structure Legend
Giver(*)(1) + Recipient(*) + Object(*)あげる

Recipient(*) + Giver(*)(1) + Object(*)あげる

Giver(*)(1) + Object(*) + Recipient(*)あげる

(*) Giver
Recipent and Object are Nouns
[あげる describes something being given to someone outside your inner circle]
[あげる → To give away from the speaker・くれる → To give towards the speaker]

[Only used if the result is desirable・If the context is understood, both the giver and the receiver can be omitted]

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