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N5 Lesson 8: 5/13

Noun + まで

Until, Till, To (but no further than)


Ending Point + まで, Noun + まで


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About Noun + まで

まで is a particle that roughly means 'as far as'. Due to this, when used with regular nouns, or words that signify some kind of end point (a time or day), it is often translated as 'until', 'till', or 'to'.

When used in relation to a place, まで functions similarly to . This means that someone or something will go 'to' the place, but not any further.

まで may also be used about points in time in the past, where 'up until' would usually be used in English.




    How far will you go? (Until)


    Until seven o'clock.


    This sale lasts until Friday.


    I slept until morning.


    To watch TV until eight o'clock.

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