N5 Lesson 10: 11/12
もらう 貰う


to receive
to get
to obtain

⚠ Unlike あげる and くれる,
に (or から) marks the giver,
not the recipient

Structure Legend
Giver(*)(1) + Recipient(*) + Object(*)もらう

Recipient(*) + Giver(*)(1) + Object(*)もらう

Giver(*)(1) + Object(*) + Recipient(*)もらう

(*) Giver
Recipent and Object are Nouns
[もらう behaves similarly to くれる, but もらう is only used for receiving, while あげる and くれる are used for giving]
[If the context is clear, both the giver and the receiver can be omitted]

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I received chopsticks and a glass from my grandmother.

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