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While, Besides, In addition to


Verb[る]+ かたわら
Noun + + かたわら


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About かたわら

(かたわ), seen primarily in hiragana, is a noun in Japanese that means 'bystander', in regard to something that is alongside or in the same place as the main focus. As a grammatical structure, it will be translated as 'while (A)', 'in addition to (A)', or 'besides (A)'.
かたわら may come after nouns followed by の, or after the dictionary form of verbs.
  • (かれ)飲食店(いんしょくてん)経営(けいえい)しているかたわら鳶職人(とびしょくにん)としても(はたら)いている。
    Besides running a restaurant, he also works as a steeplejack.
  • グレッググラフィンは大学(だいがく)教授(きょうじゅ)をしているかたわら歌手(かしゅ)として活動(かつどう)している。
    In addition to being a college professor, Greg Graffin is also active as a singer.
  • (わたし)(いもうと)本業(ほんぎょう)かたわら英会話(えいかいわ)教室(きょうしつ)英語(えいご)(おし)えている。
    My sister teaches English at an English conversation class in addition to her day job.
  • (つま)子育(こそだ)てのかたわら近所(きんじょ)子供達(こどもたち)にそろばんを(おし)えている。
    My wife teaches abacus to kids in the neighborhood in addition to raising our children.
Something that can be remembered from the 'bystander' meaning of this word is that かたわら will always come after the primary action or state of (A), while (B) is considered to just be there incidentally to (A), or as being done secondarily to it. This usually takes the form of something like a side job or a hobby.
Unlike ながら, かたわら does not necessarily indicate two actions that are happening at the exact same time, just actions that are happening independently of each other with one being the focus, and the other happening to a lesser extent within the same subject's life, day to day activities, etc.


  • ブルースは、(ひる)財閥(ざいばつ)経営(けいえい)するかたわら(よる)はバーマンとして危険(きけん)地域(ちいき)見回(みまわ)っている。

    During the daytime, Bruce manages his family corporation, while at night he patrols dangerous areas as BARMAN.

  • いくつかの(くに)では、女性(じょせい)仕事(しごと)かたわら苦労(くろう)をいとわず子供(こども)(そだ)てている。立派(りっぱ)なことだと(おも)

    In some countries, women work in addition to raising their children, not minding the hardships. I think that is quite praiseworthy.

  • 彼女(かのじょ)大学(だいがく)(おし)えるかたわら(いえ)でも個人(こじん)指導(しどう)をしている。

    Besides teaching at university, she gives private lessons at home.

  • 本業(ほんぎょう)かたわらバイトなどの副業(ふくぎょう)をしている多数(たすう)人々(ひとびと)がいる。

    Besides working their main jobs, there are many people that also work part-time jobs on the side.

  • 指導医(しどうい)として病院(びょういん)(つと)めるかたわら、コンサルタントと専門医(せんもんい)として企業(きぎょう)でも業務(ぎょうむ)(おこな)っています。

    In addition to working as the preceptor at the hospital, she also engages in business as a consultant and a medical specialist.

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