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N3 Lesson 8: 16/23


On the other hand, At the same time, While


Verb + 一方(いっぽう)
[い]Adjective + 一方(いっぽう)
[な]Adjective + (1) + 一方(いっぽう)
Noun + (1) + 一方(いっぽう)
Phrase。 一方(いっぽう)(2) + Phrase

(1) ある
(2) その一方(いっぽう)()


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About 一方で

一方(いっぽう) is a combination of the noun 一方(いっぽう) 'one direction', and the case marking particle で, in its nuance as 'at'. Together, they are used in a similar way to a conjunction particle, carrying the meaning of 'on the other hand', 'at the same time', or 'while'.
一方(いっぽう) may be used after the attributive form of other words, or at the beginning of new phrases.
  • 今日(きょう)()れる一方(いっぽう)明日(あした)から2週間(しゅうかん)()(つづ)ける
    While today will be sunny, it will continue to rain for 2 weeks starting tomorrow.
  • この(ねこ)可愛(かわい)一方(いっぽう)(ひと)()(くせ)があるので()つけてください
    This cat is cute, but on the other hand, it has a habit of biting people, so please be careful.
  • 田舎(いなか)日中(にっちゅう)(しず)かな一方(いっぽう)(よる)(むし)カエル()(ごえ)(あさ)まで()こえる。
    The countryside is very quiet during the daytime, but on the other hand, you can hear the insects and the frogs from night through to morning.
  • (かれ)歌手(かしゅ)である一方(いっぽう)政治家(せいじか)でもある
    He is a singer, while at the same time, a politician.
  • 一方(いっぽう)長野県(ながのけん)では(なつ)(まつ)開催(かいさい)される。
    On the other hand, the summer festival will be held in Nagano Prefecture. (The previous sentence would have had some contradictory information)
As 一方(いっぽう) has a literal meaning similar to 'at the (A) side', or 'in the (A) direction', it is expressing that another direction also exists, which may then be compared or contrasted with (A).
Do not confuse 一方(いっぽう), with 一方(いっぽう) (or で in its conjunctive form). The expression that uses the で particle means 'at one direction/side', while the expression that utilizes the auxiliary verb だ (or で in its conjunctive form) means 'in one direction'.
  • (わたし)(かね)()まっていく一方(いっぽう)(かれ)(かね)()ていくばかりです
    My savings is increasing, on the other hand, his savings continue to decline.
  • 毎月(まいつき)(かね)()ていく一方(いっぽう)全然(ぜんぜん)()まりそうもない
    Every month I keep losing money, and it doesn't even seem like it will increase.
The overall context of the sentence will usually reveal whether the conjunctive form of だ (で) is being used, or the actual で particle.




    These shoes are warm but on the other hand they are heavy.


    On the one hand, that food is good for your body. On the other hand, if you eat too much, it is bad for you.


    His company seems to be profitable, but, on the other hand, the condition of our administration is growing worse.


    My friends are having a fun time skiing, but I, on the other hand, have to work.


    He is a good boss at the company, but, at the same time, he is a violent drunk at home.

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