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N3 Lesson 10: 8/20


Looking, Feeling a little, Touch of, Tending to, Slightly


Verb[ます+ 気味(ぎみ)
Noun + 気味(ぎみ)


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About ぎみ

Coming from the noun 気味(きみ) meaning 'sensation', ぎみ is a suffix that is used to convey weak signs of (A). ぎみ may be used with nouns, or the conjunctive form of verbs. Often, ぎみ is translated as 'looking (A)', 'a touch of (A)', 'feeling a little (A)', or 'slightly (A)'.
  • 最近(さいきん)(ふと)気味(ぎみ)から、ダイエットしなきゃ
    I feel slightly fat, so I should go on a diet.
  • 今週(こんしゅう)色々(いろいろ)(いそが)しかったから(つか)気味(ぎみ)
    Because I have been busy this week with various things, I am feeling a little tired.
  • 今朝(けさ)風邪(かぜ)気味(ぎみ)だったので学校(がっこう)(やす)んだ。
    Because I felt a little sick this morning, I took a day off of school.
ぎみ refers to the senses of the person who is experiencing them, and therefore may be used to refer to feelings about other people/things, or feelings about oneself.
  • 現場(げんば)(ひと)ほとんどバテ気味(ぎみ)だったので作業(さぎょう)中断(ちゅうだん)した。
    Most of the people on the site seemed a little worn out, so we stopped work.
  • 電車(でんしゃ)(おく)気味(ぎみ)から()()わせ時間(じかん)まで()()わないかも。
    Because the train seems a bit late, I might not be able to make it by our agreed time.
  • 風邪(かぜ)気味(ぎみ)なのかな身体(からだ)だるい。
    I feel like I have a cold, my body feels heavy.
As ぎみ expresses 'weak signs of (A)', it is often used to soften a statement, so that the speaker does not appear overconfident.
  • タカシ(くん)(つか)気味(ぎみ)じゃない?ちゃんと休憩(きゅうけい)()った?
    Takashi-kun, you look a bit tired, did you take a proper break?
Although it comes from 気味(きみ), ぎみ will always be said with a ぎ, and not a き. This is a sound change used to distinguish the noun and the suffix.




    She said she was feeling a little sick.


    I heard that lately, she is a bit plump.


    I was feeling a little nervous before my presentation and fainted.


    Since you are looking somewhat anemic, let's not draw any blood.


    You should rest for a bit, because recently you are looking a little tired.

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