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N3 Lesson 6: 7/24


Have a feeling that


Verb + (ような) + ()する
[い]Adjective + (ような) + ()する
Noun + ( + ような ()する
[な]Adjective + ((1) + ような) + ()する



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About ような気がする

ような()がする is a phrase that takes the base meaning of ()がする 'to have a feeling that (A)', or 'to give off a vibe that (A)', and adds an extra layer of uncertainty through use of the auxiliary verb よう. This can be understood as meaning 'to have a funny feeling that (A)', or 'to kinda have a feeling that (A)'.
As always, よう must be attached to the attributive form of any word that comes before it.
  • あの(わざ)はなんか簡単(かんたん)そう。(おれ)でも出来(でき)ような()がする
    That technique looks easy. I feel like I would be able to do it.
  • そこ一人(ひとり)()(あぶ)ないような()がする。ガイド一緒(いっしょ)()(ほう)がいい(おも)
    I have a feeling that it would be dangerous to go there alone. I think it would be better to go with a guide.
  • あいつ(はな)した(かん)じでは元気(げんき)ような()がするけど
    Based on talking to him, he seemed like he was doing well, but…
  • (まえ)いる(ひと)警察(けいさつ)のような()がする
    I have a funny feeling that the person in front of us is a cop.
()がする is quite a bit stronger than ような()がする, so the latter will often be used when the speaker is not 100% sure about something, and does not want to sound rude.



  • ()かるような()する

    I have a feeling that I understand.

    • あの(ひと)(だま)されたような()する

      I have a feeling that I was deceived by that person.

      • 文法(ぶんぽう)勉強(べんきょう)すればするほど、しゃべることができるような()する

        I have a feeling that the more you study grammar, the easier it becomes to speak with people.

        • あの二人(ふたり)結婚(けっこん)してもうまくいかないような()する

          I have a feeling that even if they get married, it won't turn out well.

          • (みち)間違(まちが)えたような()がします

            I have a feeling that I went the wrong way.

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            ような気がする – Grammar Discussion

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            • Pushindawood


              @DarthAtticus Nice spot! I have updated the translation for this sentence to reflect your suggestion. Cheers!

              P.S. - These types of posts/error reports are perfectly acceptable here.

            • Fabi02


              I recently saw “ようなきもする” in a sentence. Does this have the same meaning as “ようなきがする”?

            • Daru


              Yeah! In context it probably meant that some other feeling was talked about. も can also replace が when using it with a ‘too’ nuance.

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