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N2 Lesson 8: 12/22


It is exactly because

ことだから ≠ ものだから*


Verb + ことから
Noun + + ことから
[な]Adjective + + ことから


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About ことだから

ことだから is a set expression used for indicating that the speaker is fairly certain about (B), based specifically on their experience with (A). This is often translated as 'it is exactly because (A) that (B)', or 'precisely because it is (A), (B)'. ことだから is a combination of the noun こと 'thing', だ, and から. The literal meaning can be interpreted as 'from that it's (A), also (B)'. This just implies that due to (A) being a predetermined fact, (B) too can be assumed to be true.
When making assumptions, ことだから will often be seen following verbs in their dictionary forms, or nouns followed by の.
  • あの(ひと)がすることだから、どうせ(ひと)(だま)して(もう)けているに(ちが)いない。
    Precisely because it is something that person does, there is no doubt that he is making money scamming people.
  • いつも(おく)れてくる田中(たなか)くんのことだから今日(きょう)(おく)れてくるだろう。
    It is exactly because Tanaka-kun always arrives late, that he will probably arrive late today.
Alternatively, ことだから may appear following verbs in any of their standard forms when the situation of (A) is considered as a good opportunity to also do (B), according to the speaker.
  • (とう)さんとお(かあ)さんが(めずら)しくうちに()ていることだから(ひさ)しぶりにみんなで映画(えいが)でも()よう。
    Dad, mom, considering that you guys are here, which is a rare occasion, why don't we watch a movie together for the first time in a while.
  • 撮影(さつえい)無事(ぶじ)()わったことだから()()げでもしましょう!
    Considering that we have finished filming, it is a good opportunity for us to have a party!
Lastly, ことだから may simply imply (strongly) that (A) is the reason for (B). In these cases, either verbs in their standard forms or nouns followed by の may precede ことだから.
  • 客様(きゃくさま)のプライバシーに(かか)わることなので、これ以上(いじょう)(くわ)しいことは()えません。
    Because this is something that has to do with the privacy of our customer, we can't give you further details.
  • 部長(ぶちょう)ことだから、またミスをしたらクビにさせられると(おも)う。
    It is exactly because it is my boss, he will probably fire me if I mess up again.
Despite having these three slightly different nuances, the speaker's intended meaning will usually be clear in the (B) part of the sentence. Due to this, ことだから may always be thought to simply mean that 'by the logic of (A), definitely (B)'.




    It is exactly because it's you that I definitely think it will go well.


    It is exactly because that is the case, it is better not to go alone to such a place.


    It is exactly because he is always lying that it is hard to believe him this time too.


    It is exactly because it is scholarly that I can't explain it well.


    It is exactly because they are the class president, that they will properly tell the teacher for us.

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