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N3 Lesson 3: 1/22

なぜなら + から

Because, The reason is, That is because


Phrase (A)。なぜなら(ば) + Reason for (A) Phrase + から +


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About なぜなら〜から

When combined with the conjunction particle から, なぜなら (or なぜならば) forms a set pattern that can be translated as 'why (A), that is because (B)'. Essentially, it is a way to highlight that a 'because' is coming at the end of the sentence, drawing attention to it.
なぜなら itself is a conjunction that is a combination of the adverb, なぜ 'why', and the hypothetical form of , なら. Literally, なぜなら~から is similar to 'why is (A) so, (B) is the cause'. This sounds quite dramatic in English, but is a perfectly natural way of emphasizing a statement/fact in Japanese.
To use なぜなら~から, state that fact/important piece of information as (A). Then, at the beginning of a new sentence, なぜなら will be followed by the reason/cause, with から finishing the sentence.
  • 明日(あした)仕事(しごと)()ませんなぜなら明日(あした)友達(ともだち)結婚式(けっこんしき)()からです
    I will not come to work tomorrow. Why? That's because I will be going to my friends' wedding.
  • (たまご)使(つか)ないで(つく)ってください。なぜなら(わたし)(たまご)アレルギーからです
    Please make it without using eggs. Why? Because I'm allergic to them.
The primary function of なぜなら in Japanese (as opposed to simply using から or ので by itself) is to gain the attention of the listener, and inform them that important information is coming.





    He couldn't go swimming because it was cold.


    I'm sorry but I can't tell you truthfully. The reason is that it is a secret.


    I don't know if they are coming or not because they haven't contacted me yet.


    We can see each other soon. Why? Because I'll go to Japan next time.


    I took the day off today. Why? Because I caught the flu.

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なぜなら〜から – Grammar Discussion

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  • Ambo100


    Can be found in A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar, Page: 371

    Is there any difference in formality or meaning between なぜなら and なぜならば?

  • owlhoods


    is there any reason i couldn’t use だって for the sentence 彼は泳ぎに行けなかった。___, 寒かったから? just wondering because it didn’t give me a warning

  • Asher


    Hi @owlhoods, sorry for the super late reply.
    The clue- ‘だって usually appears in more casual sentences that end with もん or もの. Let’s try something else.’ has now been added to all example sentences

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